Scholarly Work

The Princess Peach Trilogy

Egg Theory’s Early Style
Transgender Studies Quarterly ∿ 2020
The King’s Two Anuses: Trans Feminism and Free Speech
Differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies ∿ 2019

Weak Theory

Still Weak After All These Years
w/ Paul Saint-Amour ∿ Modernism/modernity ∿ 2019
On Being Criticized
Modernism/modernity ∿ 2018
Minimal Criticism
Futures of Comparative Literature ∿ ACLA State of the Discipline Report ∿ 2014

Other Essays

Blood Pink
w/ Kristin Grogan ∿ Social Text ∿ July 9, 2020
Fear of Commitment
Victorian Literature and Culture ∿ 2020
The Mikado’s Queer Realism: Law, Genre, Knowledge
NOVEL: A Forum on Fiction ∿ 2016
Sex Without Victorians: Kate Bush and Historicism
V21: Victorian Studies for the 21st Century ∿ July 27, 2015


From the opening of trade with Britain in the 1850s, Japan occupied a unique and contradictory place in the Victorian imagination, regarded as both a rival empire and a cradle of exquisite beauty. Quaint, Exquisite explores the enduring impact of this dramatic encounter, showing how the rise of Japan led to a major transformation of Western aesthetics at the dawn of globalization. Princeton University Press ∿ 2019