Scholarly Work

The Princess Peach Trilogy

Egg Theory’s Early Style
Transgender Studies Quarterly ∿ 2020
The King’s Two Anuses: Trans Feminism and Free Speech
Differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies ∿ 2019

Weak Theory

Still Weak After All These Years
w/ Paul Saint-Amour ∿ Modernism/modernity ∿ 2019
On Being Criticized
Modernism/modernity ∿ 2018
Minimal Criticism
Futures of Comparative Literature ∿ ACLA State of the Discipline Report ∿ 2014

Other Essays

Blood Pink
w/ Kristin Grogan ∿ Social Text ∿ July 9, 2020
Fear of Commitment
Victorian Literature and Culture ∿ 2020
The Mikado’s Queer Realism: Law, Genre, Knowledge
NOVEL: A Forum on Fiction ∿ 2016
Sex Without Victorians: Kate Bush and Historicism
V21: Victorian Studies for the 21st Century ∿ July 27, 2015


Grace Lavery examines what she terms “trans pragmatism”—the ways that trans people resist medicalization and pathologization to achieve pleasure and freedom. Trans pragmatism, she writes, affirms that transition works, that it is possible, and that it happens. Princeton University Press ∿ 2023

From the opening of trade with Britain in the 1850s, Japan occupied a unique and contradictory place in the Victorian imagination, regarded as both a rival empire and a cradle of exquisite beauty. Quaint, Exquisite explores the enduring impact of this dramatic encounter, showing how the rise of Japan led to a major transformation of Western aesthetics at the dawn of globalization. Princeton University Press ∿ 2019